group Sessions

Two things a portrait photographer dreads hearing:
1. I really want you to photograph my family but I can't afford you
2. I don't need a whole session, I just want like, ten photos

It's something photographers make memes about but would never say on their website. Well, I am going to half full that glass! I am here to tell you you absolutely can afford me & if a smaller gallery is your jam, then let's make it happen! 

The Details
• 3 families
• 60 minutes
• 15 images
• $350 per family

Shout out to your friends and find two other families who want to get together at a location for 60 minutes of shooting. Each family will get about 20 minutes with me and will receive a gallery of 15 images with printing rights!

The Caveats:

• Everyone will need to agree on one location.

• Promotional offers/ vouchers/ coupons etc do not apply to these sessions.

• Immediate families only please. Because we have such a short amount of time together, I want to make sure you're getting the most for your money. Bringing in extended families will spread us too thin and it will show in the final gallery.

• Because the success of these sessions depends on everyone showing up, the session fee will be due in full at the time of booking and is non refundable. These sessions also cannot be rescheduled so it's imperative the group chooses a date that works for everyone!

• These sessions are not available on Saturdays. We can schedule Sunday-Friday and will want to start 90 minutes before sunset for the best light!

Have your group ready? Fill out the form below and I will be in touch within 24 hours! 


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