Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you shoot film instead of digital?
I could go on for a while about this but I'll try to keep it short. The thing I notice most about film is the color it produces. The colors are pastel and vibrant at the same time. The skin tones are warm and clear and there is a certain touchable quality to the final product. I don't know if I can entirely explain it but it makes me fall in love with photography over and over again!

Where do we shoot?
Anywhere in the Phoenix Valley! Right now I really love Saguaro Lake, Papago Park, and just random open desert with lots of cacti. We can also shoot at your home! Home sessions can be really beautiful and give your children a glimpse back to home life when they're all grown up.

What do I need to know for an in home session?
This is an important one! I shoot film and film is very light hungry. Because of this, where we shoot must have lots of light. I will always choose the brightest place in your house to shoot in. If your home is dark with very few windows, we might want to shoot in an outdoor location instead.

What is required to book my session?
There is a $200 non refundable deposit required to book your date. The remaining balance is automatically billed a week before your session.

How would you define your style?
My style is natural, romantic and raw. If you bring a full loveseat with a chandelier to the middle of a park with baby goats in hats roaming around, we've gone too far. These sessions are focused on the elegance of real, uncovered, love. 

Does my session come with the digital images?
Yes! Your session includes the high resolution, unwatermarked, digital images with printing rights. So, pretty much all Grandparent gifts are taken care of for whatever Holiday is next!

Do I have the copyright to the images?
The copyright stays with me, however you do have personal printing rights. So you can enlarge, print, gift to family, etc.

What is your refund policy?
Because of the custom nature of these products, all sessions and purchases are non refundable.

Are contracts required?
Yes, to ensure both parties are on the same page and there is no miscommunication, I have a portrait contract that you can view here.

If I have to cancel my session, how late do I have to cancel?
I ask that you allow 48 hours for cancellation, however your deposit for the session is non refundable. You can reschedule to a different date and your deposit can be applied towards the re-scheduled session.

What forms of payments do you accept?
I prefer using a card online. Your contract will have a place to pay the deposit. If you prefer another method please let me know. I accept check, cash or PayPal!

How far do you travel?
I will travel anywhere within the Phoenix Valley for your session. Trips to Sedona, Tucson, Flagstaff and surrounding areas are an additional $200 travel fee. Please contact me at denise(at)denisekaris(dot)com to inquire about out of state travel. I also offer free out of state travel if I can get five full sessions booked in your town over a three day period!

Once my order has been placed, how long will it take to receive my products?
Your initial gallery is 2-4 weeks depending on the time of year for film processing time. Depending on the items ordered after your session posts, it can take 2-4 weeks.

How long do you keep our images for?
My contract states I am responsible for backing up images for one year. While I don't delete your images after that date, I am no longer responsible in the event of a hard drive failure, etc.  

I can't afford a full session and I only need ten images anyway
You must click here right now!

How do I make the most out of my session?

This isn't an actual question people ask me but I think they should! The first way you can ensure a great session is to prepare! Have your clothes picked out a week before, and get ready early that day. Give your kids certain tasks to make sure they're all ready to leave with a five to ten minute buffer. It can be a stressful thing, getting everyone out of the house at the same time looking picture perfect and the worst thing that happens is when families fight on the drive over. It's so obvious when they show up to the session and then it's hard to move on from there. I say this from a loving place of wanting you to have the most amazing session: Prepare ahead of time so you're not throwing everything together last minute!

Second, print your photos! Your photos weren't meant to sit on a monitor until the hard drive crashes or the JPEGs start to corrupt! Even if it's a small stack of 3.5x5's that you keep in your sock drawer, print them! The intention of your session is to bring out the charm and beauty in being a family and I promise, holding your images is so much more romantic than seeing them on a cell screen.

Have more questions? Email me at denise(at)denisekaris(dot)com

daniel + mary

Our wedding album is still the talking point when people come over to our house! They are absolutely stunning! Thank you Hamilton!

kallie + Robert

We are ecstatic with how our engagement session went and how beautiful the images came out! Thank you Hamilton for capturing us so authentically.

mary Rose

Goodness! I am absolutely in love with my photos - they are STUNNING. And the Henderson pair were so easy to work with! Totally recommend!